About ashlyn

Ashlyn is a professional musician, composer, actress, and voiceover artist based out of Seattle, Washington. Instilled with an internal desire to innovate and inspire, she expresses her artistic voice in a variety of creative outlets

Spending some time living in Los Angeles provided Ashlyn with the opportunity to expand her reach and exposure in the music and acting industry. In addition to her solo performance shows, she enjoyed singing, playing keys, recording and composing, and touring nationally with the urban folk band Welcome Home. Some of the more notable shows played together have included Rocketown in Nashville, TN, and SXSW in 2019. In May 2020, Ashlyn released her first single “Just Be” and then two more singles in November 2020 and February 2021. In May 2021, she released her self-titled debut EP “Ashlyn Nicole.” She is currently working on her next solo project with an anticipated release date in 2024.

While music has been her primary focus, Ashlyn also continues to grow her experience in the fields of acting and voiceovers. She has been featured in a few short films as well as commercial videos, and she most recently finished playing a lead role in a sci-fi drama, feature film. Her music production skills have also increased her opportunities in remote voice acting, and her credits include voicing commercials for companies such as Wild One Pet Products, Silver Mirror Facial Bar, and Befesa Zinc Metal. In the realm of music production, Ashlyn also is expanding her experience and skills in audio engineering projects, focusing on music composition and sound design for film and video games.

Ashlyn holds a Bachelors degree in music, a certificate in recording technology, and she is currently in the process of obtaining a graduate diploma in film and game scoring through the European Academy of Fine Arts.